Boost your DNS with the power of Web3

NOTO bridges the complexity of Web3 domain resolution, bringing it in the familiar environment of DNS.

How Does it Work?

NOTO constantly monitors Web3 domain records across all major blockchains and namespaces.

The data is converted into standard zonefiles that partners can easily import into their DNS, enabling faster and easier resolution of Web3 resources through the same infrastructure that users all over the world already use for Web2 domains.


Why use Web3 DNS by NOTO?

NOTO provides a zero-effort way for Network operators, VPN Providers and DNS Resolver Operators in general to integrate Web3 domain resolution in their existing DNS infrastructure.

You can simply import our Web3 zone files to your existing infrastructure using the regular zone transfer mechanisms and open up a new world of opportunities for all your users.

NOTO App is currently in BETA

The platform is currently in BETA testing 
if you wish to access the alpha version please contact us and our team will set everything up for you.

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