Collision Management

One of the biggest challenges with Web3 domains is the occurrence of collisions when the same Web3 domain exists on multiple blockchains or namespaces.

NOTO provides the tools and the flexibility you need to handle collisions without the headache.

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How Does it Work?

NOTO leverages a patent-pending algorithm to assign a score to each Web3 domain, so that Partners can make an informed decision about which domain should be returned to the users in case multiple versions of it exist on different blockchains.

With a simple call to the NOTO API Partners can perform a deep resolution on a Web3 domain and obtain all the details about each domain in a collision set, including their relative scores.

Partners that need more fine-grained control for their specific use cases can easily customize every aspect of their project, including selecting which blockchains and namespaces they want to support, or even creating default routes and exceptions for specific domains.

NOTO App is currently in BETA

The platform is currently in BETA testingĀ 
if you wish to access the alpha version please contact us and our team will set everything up for you.

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